Giant mushroom in roadside cemetery, NC.

🐶Fresh from the salon.

The daily 🐶s


The Model Does Not Think; The Model Predicts

In my day job, we work with transformer models a lot, so I’m always interested in how they advance. I played around with the OpenAI Chatbot and found the results compelling. Asking it to generate a coding tutorial (“How would you create an event sourcing application in PHP 8?") was …


New Shirt, Old Memories

Prior to Holiday World, my jobs had all been farm work, putting up hay or working tobacco for neighbors and getting paid in cash out of a farmer’s wallet at the end of the week. In the summer of 1987, I made $3.35 an hour – minus taxes and the rent on 5 SaniClean uniforms a week (name in a …

I spend entirely too much time thinking about the “Six-Fingered Hand” storyline in “The Defenders” from 1981. Shown here, IIRC: The entire town of Citrusville, FL is sent to Hell, leaving only a steaming crater.

Amazon, I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

So glad you have your metadata all squared away, Amazon and Hachette.

My bartender, @ronniecraig, created a drink that we’re calling a Summer Quarantine: 1 cup watermelon juice, 1 cup @JourneymanDist Humdinger Jalapeño Spirit, juice of 2 fresh limes. Shake with ice & 2-4 seeded fresh jalapeño slices. Makes 2. Serve on the rocks.🍹

This seems just a little bit off today, unless there’s a different temperature unit in our current dystopia.

What appears to contain the cover painting of every paperback I read in high school: Space Colony Art from the 1970s

Nurse Rembert taking care of his sick bubba.

Dogs with Broom

Every year the alderman sends around a public service flyer: Do Not Feed the Shelobs. And every year someone feeds the shelobs.

The first year’s harvest.


You gotta take your comfy where you find it, I guess.

Calm Boys

Dim Sum Dinner Club

Had a wonderful dinner this weekend at Brian Moy’s Dim Sum Dinner Club pop-up. Somehow managed to forget to snap a pic of one course, but everything was just delicious. Cannot wait to see what he does with his plans. Great wine pairings offered by Diversey Wine, too.

Early bedtime for these boys.

Bad Apple News! Bad!

TFW you can’t tell if the description of a software package is a buzzword bingo joke, or if you’ve finally reached your own technical decrepitude, or both.