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Finished reading: The Killing Hills by Chris Offutt πŸ“š

The Model Does Not Think; The Model Predicts

In my day job, we work with transformer models a lot, so I’m always interested in how they advance. I played around with the OpenAI Chatbot and found the results compelling. Asking it to generate a coding tutorial (“How would you create an event sourcing application in PHP 8?") was …

Currently reading (when I need a break from Viriconium): The Killing Hills by Chris Offutt. Been a fan of his since his first story collection, Kentucky Straight, in the 1990s.πŸ“š

Currently reading: Viriconium by M. John Harrison πŸ“š

This makes me happy: Charles Schulz’s 100th Birthday Comic Strip Tributes πŸ—¨

For #FeedReaderFriday, a helpful hint: Every Mastodon profile comes with its own RSS feed, for easy following. Just append .rss to the profile URL. For example, https://mastodon.social/@Tonybreed.rss.

How wonderful, a new Octopus Pie story! πŸ—¨

An unfortunate week for influential writers: RIP Fred Brooks (The Mythical Man-Month, The Design of Design), and Greg Bear (Blood Music, Eon).

Funky Winkerbean is ending after 50 years. That strip, oddly enough, has been a touchstone for most of my life. πŸ—¨

Test Post from Obsidian

This is a test post from Obsidian using the Micro.Publish plugin.

In the next chapter of the never-ending search for a note-taking system that I don’t end up hating, I’m trying out Obsidian. It has a micro.blog plugin, so that already puts it ahead of most things I’ve tried.

πŸ“· Credit: Hackaday: Ugliest Airplane Ever Built Predicted the Future

Independent book bloggers I’ve found while I’m reading Empty Space and the preceding two Kefahuchi Tract novels by M. John Harrison: A Sky of Books and Movies, Speculiction, Former People, and Weighing a Pig Doesn’t Fatten It. πŸ“š

I’m not saying this is just a Big Trak for (mostly wealthy, I suppose) Gen-Xers, but it sure pushed those buttons for me: Yarbo Yard Robot

Currently reading: Nova Swing by M. John Harrison πŸ“š


Data science at its most relevant: Compound Pejoratives on Reddit (NSFW: language)

Well, this is just sad. I used to go to the Parkette when I lived in Lexington. I have photos of the sign I took for a project back in the early 90s. Lexington’s Iconic Parkette Drive-In Closes

From /dev/lawyer: Legal Sources for Not-a-Lawyers “It’s your law, people. Don’t let lawyers scare you off of reading it!”

Currently reading: The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past Book 1) by Cixin Liu πŸ“š

I either missed or forgot that Ben Bova died last fall. They just released the last novel he conpleted. I read dozens of his books as a kid, one of which was the first book I ever finished and thought, “Wow, an author can make mistakes like that?” (Cyberbooks was that novel.)

This is the kind of content I think the web needs to get back to in a big way: 8-Track Heaven

For anyone you know who might need it: Vaccines Work. Here Are the Facts. | The Nib

Pure evil. Terms and Conditions Apply

Fellow children of the 80s, read this and say it with me: “No shit, Sherlock.” 1980s pop culture was all about impending, inevitable nuclear doom. Tom Nichols at The Atlantic: I Want My Mutually Assured Destruction I have a vivid memory – cir. 1983, so I’d’ve been 14 …